At Urbi Apartments, your tranquility and your trust in us are essential.

For this reason we have changed our protocols and increased our cleaning budget, to offer you the maximum guarantees of hygiene and disinfection.

Therefore, we consider it essential to explain what these measures are.


Firstly,  we use ammonia and anti-scale products for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, but they are complemented with specific chlorinated products for additional disinfection. The floors are disinfected with bleach.

The  surfaces, dining tables, TV and TV forniture, closets, etc. apart from a multipurpose product, an alcoholic product is applied that is part of the virucidal products authorized and registered in Spain. Also objects such as coat racks, hair dryers, decorative elements, etc. they are disinfected with the same procedure.

For textiles such as curtains or the sofa cover, an alcoholic product is also applied in aerosol form, to reach all the fibers. The sheets and towels are washed at 60º, as accepted by the different national and international organizations.

Finally, if it cannot be guaranteed that the apartment remains unoccupied for a period of 72h, we apply an additional ozone treatment to complement cleaning and disinfection.

Common spaces

In the hall of the main building, we have a disinfecting / drying carpet for shoes, just in the access from the outside. You can also find a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and informative signs of the uses.

Our cleaning and/or maintenance staff cleans all common spaces several times a day, which includes cleaning the floors of the different floors and stairs with chlorinated products (bleach or similar). The elevator, push buttons / switches, handrails, door handles, etc. they are disinfected on the order of 2 or 3 times a day with products with an alcoholic component of 70º.

You can check the frequencies on the service sheets displayed on each of the floors of the building, in which our staff records the hours at which each disinfection is performed.


We have reduced the hours of in-person attention, now being from 15 to 21h. We have also postponed the initial check-in time at 3pm, to guarantee the completion of all protocols by our staff.

Only 2 people can access the reception simultaneously. Every day the complete disinfection and cleaning of this space is carried out, with ozone treatment included.

Due to these restrictions, we want to favor those clients who decide to enter the apartment without going through reception, being able to make the registration and pay remotely. Thus, telephone support will be guaranteed until 23:00 in access to the apartment with prior reservation.

During the mornings, any management related to reservations or during the stay of the guests will only be attended by telephone or by email. On Sundays, only prior reservations and emergencies will be attended, without face-to-face attention.

Any questions or doubts regarding the exposed procedures, we will be happy to answer.